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November 22, 2014 

DGH-550 Pachette 2
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DGH-550 Pachette 2


The DGH-550 PACHETTE 2 is designed for Glaucoma & LASIK Screening. Now CE Approved.

Standard Features

  • Simple to use. Turn on power and the Pachette 2 is ready to take measurements.
  • Automatic measurement mode for operation without a foot switch.
  • Obtains multiple measurements very rapidly at a single location.
  • Simultaneously displays the current measurement and the average of all measurements taken.
  • A single applanation automatically stores up to 50 measurements.
  • Large 16 x 2 LCD character display allows easy visibility from a distance over a large viewing angle and in all lighting conditions.

Optional Features

  • Standard deviation calculation display (No Extra Cost)
  • FLAP Option measures the flap down to as little as 95 microns.
  • Mapping mode for obtaining actual and biased corneal mapped measurements.
  • Printer interface for sending pachymetry data to a serial printer.
  • Data transfer interface for sending pachymetry data to a personal computer.
  Pachymeters being burned in at DGH Technology, Inc.

List price: $2795.00 Online Price: $2495.00

Price: $2,495.00 Each